Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome to Salt City Foodie

Hello food lovers! I've started this blog so that I can pursue a dream of mine, to become a food critic and writer. Since I work professionally in a non-food related field, but am passionate about food, I felt this was the best place to start. I talk about food all the time and several friends over the years have told me to write about food. I'm the resident foodie at work and am known by friends and acquaintances as the person to consult when planning to dine out. After years of writing poetry and prose in my personal time I recently wondered what genre suited me best. When I realized that I was channeling so much energy and passion into food and restaurants, I decided that was where my writing should focus. So, please join me on a journey of food discovery. Sometimes I'll be enthusiastic about the restaurants I'll discuss. Sometimes not so much. But, I'll attempt to actively engage those foodies who choose to follow this blog.

More soon, I guarantee!

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